Tuesday, May 01, 2007



This is possibly going to be for a prop in my classes short animation film...


MrSuspenders said...

I like how it has that old 80's basball card feel to it.

Chris Welch said...

The hands are my favorite part. Awesome job.

El Fro said...

Me as an African American?! Cooools!

adrian said...

Wicked cool man!

Ken Chandler said...

Great sketches Tyler-- you never fail to please. Great work!

And off the topic:

Tag! You're it!
Here's the deal, Mel Milton just tagged me and 6 other people (not sure who) and forced us at gun point to draw 7 sketches (topic of our choice) in any medium. Then post them on our site.

Then you have the unbridled pleasure of picking 7 victims (er...) friends to do their 7 sketches, and so on.

Kidding about the gun. Mel just posted a comment.
Have fun with it. I did.