Sunday, August 13, 2006



Audrey Gayle said...

I'm pretty much speechless because of your mad sketching skills- but I'll say something- with all seriousness, absolutely fantastic! Brilliant! Superb! :)

GhettoFab said...

mmmmm delicious round my friend! More please

Joe said...

Sketchalicious. So, you ready for another year at Hogwarts? It's almost time.

Haki said...

Hahaha the guy on the bottem right on page 2 looks like me! :D

You´ve really cool drawings here!! Like them all..


Jedulous said...

i like the design you put into getting those expressions.

challenge: can you put the same design into other emotions?

greedy, intimidated, exhausted, confused, sly, nautious, hysterical

push those emotions! I believe in you, ty!!

aw crap, i need to take some of my own medicine, and do the same thing myself. :)

Dillon said...

I am already a fan. I need to sketch more. Thanks for the inspiration.